Why do I need a brake and light inspection?

The purpose of a brake and lamp inspection is to
make sure that a vehicle being issued a California
DMV salvage title is in road-worthy and safe driving
condition before the title is rebranded a salvaged vehicle.

The definition of a salvaged vehicle is any vehicle
that an insurance company has declared a total loss
in the past. The purpose of the "Salvaged Title" is
to warn prospective buyers that at one time in the past
an insurance company has declared the vehicle a total loss.

Most insurance companies WILL insure salvaged vehicles
contrary to popular belief. Most insurance companies
will provide comprehensive and collision coverage for
salvaged vehicles as well.

When you "retain" a salvaged vehicle, either because
of an accident or theft of the vehicle, the California
DMV requires the printing of a new salvaged title even
if the owner remains the same.

The CA DMV requires that a State Licensed Brake and
Lamp Inspection service conduct a complete examination
of these critical items on a vehicle the will help ensure
the safety of the vehicle while it is being driven on the

The Brake and Lamp Inspection Location Service will
present a state certificate documenting that the vehicle
has passed the safety inspection which will then be
presented to the DMV when the application for salvaged
title is requested. For a complete list of items needed
to apply for a salvage title, CLICK HERE to go directly to
the CA DMV page regarding salvaged titles.

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Step by Step: How to get a CA Salvage Title

Exact instructions from the DMV.

The DMV has very specific instructions on how to get a salvaged title. I have provided a link directly to the California DMV website with detailed instructions on what items you need to get a California salvaged title from the DMV. Just click on the "How it Works" picture to the right to be taken to the DMV page that discusses the CA brake and light inspection requirements.

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